Simply Redeemed Life

Welcome all! I am just an ordinary girl who desires to live for God. The Lord has given me way more than I deserve and I want to honor and glorify Him! Through this small space I will be documenting our memorable moments in our chaotic not-so-picture-worthy-life.

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A bit about me

Audience of One

I decided to start a blog to better document our family’s adventures. With 3 small kids, I take pictures daily. I needed something to hold the plethora of pictures and allow me to express myself through writing other than social media. Social media seems more like a battle of opinion on most days but itContinue reading “Audience of One”

About Me

I am a 28 Mexican-American women. I have been married to Kevin for about 7 years and at one point we had 3 kids 3 and under! My husband is AD Army so that has taken us to live in GA, HI, and currently in KS. I was raised in the urban parts of HoustonContinue reading “About Me”

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